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Skype Guitar Lessons

I’ve been offering online guitar/music lessons since 2013 and have had the privilege of teaching students online from all over the world. I want to help you come a better musician.


YouTube/online tutorials can be wonderful learning resources, we certainly live in an age where we have such incredible access to information and there is some amazing free material out there. It really is awesome…but it can be a somewhat haphazard approach to learning.

There is absolutely some fantastic information there., but unfortunately, you have to sift through lots of… shall we say ‘not-so-great’ information to find it. A good teacher can help you cut through all the noise and point you in the right direction. 

It is a great help to get real-time feedback on your playing and music, someone that can help you identify problem areas and provide guidance on how to best improve. It’s simply invaluable to have someone to whom you can ask all the questions that you have.

Skype Guitar Lessons in progress


I know it can be intimidating taking lessons and trying new things like this. I sometimes get emails from people who don’t think they’re ‘good enough’. Well, look, that’s the whole point of taking lessons! I’m not expecting Steve Vai to call me up for a lesson here. I’m not a harsh critic and I don’t expect you to dazzle me with perfect technique or anything. 
There are no ‘silly’ questions.
We are just a couple of music-loving guitar players hanging out and learning together. I want to support you and help you grow and improve as a musician. I’m generally a pretty easy going guy. Let me know if you do have any questions or concerns.

What my students say...


You can save money and time by purchasing a lesson pack. Having a consistent lesson time encourages a certain focus that can really help you to make great strides in your practice. 
It’s very easy to get sidetracked by our increasingly busy lives. Knowing you have a lesson coming up can be great motivation to practice. Purchasing multiple lessons means we have some more time to dig in and really get to work and get you reaching your goals as a guitar player and musician, not to mention you save money doing it this way!

*All prices in US dollars

Single Lesson

A one hour guitar lesson
$ 70
  • A one hour guitar lesson

5 Lesson Pack

5 One hour guitar lessons
$ 300
  • 5 One hour guitar lessons
  • Save $50

10 Lesson Pack

10 One-hour guitar lessons
$ 550
  • 10 One hour guitar lessons
  • Save $150

Here's What You Need

The latest version of FREE Skype application

High-speed internet connection


A PayPal account

A willingness to learn

A guitar!

Lesson Material

Here are some of the topics we can cover in our lesson time

How to Practice

This is huge. Develop solid practice habits to increase your efficiency and make the most of your practice time.


Should we start with the melody? Chords? The bassline? Rhythm? Tuning? Counterpoint? How about using altered tunings, odd times or modes? We'll go over all of them.


Learn a variety different tools to help you arrange your own song or one of your favourites.

Learn My Songs

I can help you cover all the nuances of any of my songs including writing, arranging or technique.

Your Favourite Songs

We can break down any specific song and slowly bring it up to performance level.


Build finger strength, independance and co-ordination while keeping it musical.


We'll learn how the language of music works and how you can break the 'rules' any time you want.


We will learn why chords are named the way they are, what they sound/feel like, how to play them all over the fretboard in different voicings and, most to actually use them.

Anything Else

Over the years my lessons have included everything from music theory to going over a Pro Tools session to notating music in Guitar Pro. Let me know if you have a specific area you think I can help with.


You will have access to numerous pdf worksheets that I have created on a variety of topics. These help reinforce the concepts discussed in our lesson and you can review them as often as you need and yes, there will be homework! 

more student testimonials...

Other Books

Occasionally I might recommend an external text. It can be helpful if we own the same book and I can point you to specific chapters, pages and paragraphs to read up on to supplement the topics we covered in our lesson.

Email Support

I am also available to all my students via email in between lessons for all those little questions that may pop up like "Hey Dylan, What does that symbol on top of the G♯ in bar 7 mean?" and will do my best to reply in a timely fashion.

Cancellation Policy

24 hours notice must be given for all lesson cancellations. As long as I get 24 hours notice, you will not be charged for the lesson.

That's about it.

Alright...let's get to work!

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Lesson Submission Form

Hey There! Online guitar lessons are subject to availability. It will depend on things like my schedule, your schedule and the time difference between us. Please fill in the information below and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I look forward to meeting you and getting started!

– Dylan


Join my mailing list and receive an instant download of 'Ready or Not" in TAB/Standard notation!


Join my mailing list and receive an instant download of 'Ready or Not" in TAB/Standard notation!

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