Answers to the most common questions I get asked.

No problem, heres a complete list of the tunings used in every one of my tracks.

Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar (2011)

Run Over: DGDGBE (Capo 2)
Platypus In Sheep’s Clothing: DADFAD
Believe: DADGAD
Let Me Count The Ways: DADF#AD
Kelly: BF#C#F#BF#
The Fate Of Comets: DADFAD
The Rollercoaster: Drop D (Capo 4)
Smoke Signals: DGDGBE (Capo 2)
Toronto Sky: BF#C#F#BF#
A New Leaf: CGDGAC
Mulberry Street: FACFCF

Daydreamer (2017)

Seven Spells Home: DADF#AD
Playtime: CGDGBE
Song for Dax: DADGBE
The Music: Standard
Evie: Standard
The Swamp: DADGBE
Southbound Train: Standard
Lyman’s Lament: DADGBE
Magic Words: DADGBE
Wishing Well: Standard
I Love My Life (Prelude) & I Love My Life: CGDGBE


A Thank You In Fives (2014): CGDGBE (Capo 2)
Ready Or Not (2016): DGDGBE
Space Dye Vest (2018) : DBbDGBE
Nevermore (2018): Drop D (Capo 3)
Sure Know Something (2018): Standard
All Dead, All Dead (2018): Standard
James (2018): Drop D 
Please Don’t Ask Me (2018): Standard

Main acoustic guitar: Boucher SGI Orchestra
Main Electric Guitar: MusicMan Silhouette Special
Acoustic Strings – Elixir Phosphor Bronze Nanoweb. Light & Custom Light
Electric Strings – Elixir Optiweb lights
G7th Capos
DiMarzio Black Angel pickup

Great question. I’m not a big performer/touring guy…at ALL. The simple fact is I have a young family and am needed more at home. To be completely honest, I’m really more of a songwriter and producer than a performer. Having said that, if and when anything ever changes you will find the information here on my site and on my Facebook page etc. If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll never miss a beat!

This is a question I get all the time. 

The first answer is I actually never transcribed any of them, so I simply don’t have them. 

The longer answer is that even if I did have them, I don’t have the rights to distribute sheet music to any cover songs or music I don’t own the rights to, and this includes giving them away for free. 


I have taught online guitar lessons since 2013 to students all over the world. Over the years I have covered everything from technique to songwriting/arranging to recording to reading music and everything in between.

Spaces are limited but you can click here to read all about it and register your interest.


Almost my whole catalog is available for use in video/film projects. 
CD Baby Licensing handle all licensing enquiries. You can find all the relevant information RIGHT HERE.


Maybe! Contact me with the details of the project and we can discuss it further.


I have a little duo with my old friend Freddie McLennan called Winterland Jets. You can take a listen here if you’re curious!



Join my mailing list and receive an instant download of 'Ready or Not" in TAB/Standard notation!


Join my mailing list and receive an instant download of 'Ready or Not" in TAB/Standard notation!